Jen and Scott Campagnolo


I can't even explain our family's gratitude for you as our realtor. You have done so much for our family , this is truly a dream come true and its all because of you. You listen to your clients you help them set goals in order to make their dreams come true. Selling one house to get into the next wasn't easy but Jana you made it a smooth process for our family. You have all of the resources and tools needed right at your handy fingertips in order to make our timeline move smoothly! You always listened and cared about our family needs including Kermit our large pet tortoise. We did it ; you did it! We set goals and you made our dreams come true. My family of 6 can't thank you enough for getting us our forever dream home !

Love Jen and Scott Campagnolo

Connie Gaddy

Jana Page was the realtor who helped me buy my home at 2250 Wallace
Ave. in Aptos, CA.
She took me back to look at the house several times with no questions,
She was helpful in negotiations with the seller to get items that I wanted fix
and or completed.

Very truly yours,
Connie Gaddy
2250 Wallace Ave.
Aptos, CA 95003

Paul & Yvette Gettner

Nov 27, 2018
Bailey Properties lnc.
L602 Ocean 5t.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Re: 1210 Sanders Ct 95062

Dear Bailey Properties,

Where do we start? Perhaps, the best way to express ourselves is to tell you that you have quite a gem with your realtor
Jana Page. She is the most authentic, hard-working, professional agent we have ever had the pleasure of working with.
We are so grateful that we happened to "bump into" meeting her while she was showing a property on Colony way in
Live Oak during an open house. Long story short, the property was cute but d id not quite meet our needs so we exchanged
contact info and went our separate ways. For months, nearly a year in fact, we had contemplated buying a property in or
near the Live Oak area but one circumstance or another prevented a firm commitment to move from our small condo in
Scotts Valley (that we'd lived in for seven years) and find a new home a little closer to the coast and the beaches that we
so loved. During this long period, Jana kept in contact with ideas for selling the condo and possibilities for our new home.
she listened carefully to what we needed, giving advice when it would best benefit the process we were going through.
Eventually, we prepped the condo and she held our open house. lt sold in 3 days! We witnessed Jana's deep base of
contacts and how she knows so many people simply amazed us! Being a local Santa Cruz native really gave her the ability
to help us take the leap of faith to sell the condo and buy a house. 5he paid close attention to our preferences, took notes,
displayed the high level of organization, professionalism, and foresight to helping us go through each stage of the sale and
purchase as smoothly as possible. She often went over and above the call of duty to take care of some obstacles in our
transactions that were produced by the seller living out of the country and his selling agent often being unavailable. lt did
not deter Jana at all. She stepped in, used her resourcefulness, her genuine care for her clients, and her contacts in the
various coordinating entities for title, mortgage, and home inspections to keep on track with our closing schedule. She
also has a very impressive "tool box" of contacts that she shared with us for doing a few repairs and upgrades prior to
moving into our new house. Yes, we closed on time! Unfortunately, the seller had a few additional issues that prevented
us from actually moving into our new home for a week or so but it couldn't be helped. Jana stayed with us the whole
time, never "disappearing" as some agents have done in the past. She has more skills, professionalism, foresight, and
community camaraderie that exceeds many so-called senior agents and brokers we've dealt with.
Jana is the real deal. She is the essence of positivity. She is a lot of fun and yes, she is very easy to be friends with and
know that whenever you need her as a realtor or a friend, she's got your back- Now, we are very proud to not only be
homeowners in Live Oak, but we have a beautiful home, and an awesome neighbor and friend with Jana! We have told
so many people about Jana and have given her card to others! Speaking of cards, one of the sweetest things that Jana has
done (that no other agent has ever done) is help us celebrate each month's anniversary of living in our new home. She did
that for a whole year! Now we exchange many cards, gifts, lunches, hugs and we truly enjoy this new friendship.
We are most grateful for Jana Page! Bravo for having her on your Bailey Properties team!
With sincere thanks,

Paul & Yvette Gettner

Cybele Candau

Jana and I have been friends since we were teenagers, but it wasn’t until Brian and I were struggling to move home to Santa Cruz after six years in Oregon that I thought to employ Jana as our realtor, and she surpassed our expectations beyond explanation. We’d been searching for a home in Santa Cruz County from 600 miles away for at least six months without success. Once Jana was our realtor, we were under contract within about six short weeks. Jana helped us connect with a local lender, advocated for us with the selling realtor, and even acted on our behalf with an HOA. Many of our friends were shocked to hear that we bought a place sight unseen, but because we knew Jana had our best interest in mind, we had no doubts that we were making the right choice. Thanks to Jana, Brian and I will get to start our empty nesting phase of life back in Capitola, surrounded by family and friends. We couldn’t be more grateful to our longtime friend, Jana.

Kari Huemer

April 19, 2022
To whom this may concern,
Jana Page helped me to purchase my first home in Santa Cruz. I was going through a
divorce and there were multiple offers on the house, which made it a stressful time
for me. She was able to get me a house quickly.
Jana made the process seem so easy and with a quick close, and I was so stressed
and overwhelmed. She took me to my bank to help me with wiring my down
payment. She walked me through the process step by step, and hand held me the
entire way. She also lined up all the right people to repair the house such as the
termite, and gutters, and changing the locks on the house. She met me at the title
company. She dealt with my ex and my lawyer, in helping obtain the interspousal
deed, going above and beyond.
Even after the purchase of the home, Jana always sent me a card every month, and
then yearly to congratulate me on my new home. Jana is a true gem to work with,
such a sparkling personality. She is easy to get along with and can decipher exactly
what I needed.
I will use Jana and recommend her to everyone I know. I have never met a more
dedicated hardworking wonderful person!
Kari Huemer

Linda K. Donovan

Jana Page enabled me to purchase a home in the extremely competitive seller's market here in
Capitola. When I was outbid, she reassured me, kept looking, and contacted me as soon as
something else opened up. She did not subject me to investigating houses that were not
appropriate to my desires and budget, but kept my hopes and money constraints in mind. At the
same time, she never pressured me to settle for less than I wanted. She honored my desire to
purchase using the GI Bill, although other real estate agents had dismissed the possibility as too
time consuming and fraught with problems. I purchased the condominium I now live in because
of Jana's incredible focus: she contacted me within a few hours of its listing, made sure we could
go see it that afternoon, then got the offer written and to the listing agent that evening. She stayed
on top of the entire process, kept me in the loop when issues arose, and always had a professional
yet friendly demeanor. We closed in a remarkably short time, especially considering it was using
VA funding. When we signed, she presented me with a year's home warranty and even a coupon
for its first use. If you want to purchase that dream house here in Santa Cruz County, I urge you
to contact Jana Page.
Flash forward six years and my family moved north to Washington state, and I decided to follow.
In late 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I got to experience Jana’s professional and caring
demeanor from the position of seller and she came through with flying colors. She respected my
limits, such as my decision to remain in the condo rather than moving out and presenting an
empty home, although I’m sure the latter would have been easier for her to show. She gave me
advice on what to keep and what to store down in the garage, giving my home a more staged and
clean appearance. Jana kept me abreast of all activities associated with the process; such as,
when people were coming by, what they were looking for, what inspections were needed. In the
end, she found another veteran seeking his first family home. The inverse of what I
recommended above applies here as well: If you want to sell your home here in Santa Cruz
County, I urge you to contact Jana Page.

Lawrence and Julie Juell

Jana Page should have all five star ratings! We were selling our home, which was outdated and needed attention. She knew who to call to get the jobs done. Jobs, plural. We had several projects that needed to take place.

Communication is high on her list. She kept us informed of the progress of our projects. She worked within our budget and kept that in mind. She allowed us to choose new items that went into our home. The explanations of why one is more appealing than the other was discussed.

We had several offers on our home and Jana walked us through them all. She communicates clearly and works efficiently. Jana stays on top of all the new trends in homes, and the laws of real estate sales. We would use Jana Page again if we ever have the need.

Tedd and Melanie Weddle

Tedd and Melanie Weddle
677 30th Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(970) 778-1712
May 1, 2022
To all it may benefit,
When we hired Jana Page as our realtor, we had only lived in Santa Cruz for a few years and did not have an extensive knowledge of many neighborhoods in the area. Luckily, we were extremely knowledgeable and capable hands the moment we met Jana. Jana’s knowledge, energy and attention to detail are simply unmatched.
Jana has lived in Santa Cruz her whole life, but her knowledge of this beautiful and cherished area goes beyond residence. She has almost an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the property values, geographical considerations, and neighborhood characteristics.
Immediately upon beginning our search, Jana was in contact at any moment. She was immediately on the ready with listings, answers to questions, and very patient with our decision process. Jana really got a feeling of what we were looking for in the first week and found us the perfect home. It was a home that was in a neighborhood that we loved, but went quickly under contract. However, because of Jana’s boundless energy and attention she found out that the contract fell through. Jana knew we loved the place and immediately got in touch with us to see if we wanted to make an offer. Five years later, we are in the home and loving our beautiful neighborhood.
When we got into our home, we had some renovating we wanted to do. We were new to town and were unsure of making contacts for the most capable tradesmen. The first moment it was possible, Jana had made appointments with everyone we needed and had a schedule to meet them all. It was really like being in a movie. Jana really felt like a fairy godmother on that day.
We have been happily in our home for 5 years now and the reason I know this is because Jana sends us anniversary cards each year. In fact, the first year she sent them to us every month. Jana is quite simply the most capable, kind, energetic and wonderful person you could ever hope to work with and know. I am so happy to have the honor of both.

Tedd and Melanie Weddle